Kelley Voy


Los Angeles Ballet Academy
Associate Teacher: Ballet, Conditioning

Kelley Voy is honored to be a part of the LABA team of teachers. She finds great joy in watching the dancers grow and learn through dance. Ballet is one of the last bastions that takes time and dedication to master.  In her other life (before kids), she danced with Capital City Ballet in Atlanta, then Springs City Ballet in Colorado Springs, and then briefly with the Aspen Santa Fe Ballet.  She felt lucky to have had those opportunities seeing considering that she began her dance training at the age of 19! Her ballet teachers, Kathryn McBeth, Tom Pazik, and Robert Barnett are still a big part of her life. Their words and teachings pass through Kelley in her classes everyday. Kelley has also been an actress since she was a little kid. She has done countless plays, a small movie, music videos, and commercials. She also has a thriving massage practice where she can put her ballet and kinesiology knowledge to work for others!   

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