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Nichelle Bane


Los Angeles Ballet Academy

Director of the Jazz Divission

As a dancer Nichelle was a member and soloist with the Civic Ballet of San Luis Obispo. She was line captain and featured dancer on the Princess Cruises Line. Since moving to LA some of her credits include Friends, Clueless, Austin , Powers 2Totally Blonde, Divine Design, and Her Last Chance. She has appeared in commercials for Mervyns, McDonalds, Bacardi, and NBC. Nichelle has worked with the likes of Marguerite Derricks, Mia Michaels, and Vincent Paterson. She has been a guest artist with Rei Aoo’s Dance planet, and assisted Doug Caldwell on a Trading Spaces commercial. Nichelle has taught all over the United States, and is an award-winning choreographer. She has taught many programs including the Joffrey Chicago summer workshop. Nichelle is the founder and artistic director of the Los Angeles based Reflections Dance Company. Out of hundreds of applicants she had six pieces, over five years, accepted as a finalist in the annual, Dance Under The Stars Choreography Festival in Palm Spring. Recently Nichelle co-directed the 9th annual Momentum, An Evening Of Dance, at the El Portal Theater where she has brought in guest artist from the Joffrey Ballet, Axis Dance Company, and the Groovaloos. Recently Nichelle has worked with Astra Dance Company to help bring 2 unique dance shows to the stage with her choreography. “Eleanora” an Edgar Allen Poe story, and “The Cabinet Of Dr Caligari” a 1920 German silent horror film. Both premiered in 2012 at the El Portal Theater. Her choreography for “Dr Caligari” was performed at Jazz at Lincoln Center in 2015. .
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